Travel Health

If you are planning a holiday abroad it is important to make sure that you have any relevant travel vaccinations before you go, so that you can enjoy your holiday safe in the knowledge that you are protected against possible disease.

You may want to look at the website to get an idea about the types of vaccination you may need, the malaria risks and whether or not you will need a vaccination certificate upon entry into the country. Similarly you may find the travel health advice leaflet from Jane Chiodini – a travel health specialist nurse, containing lots of helpful travel advice useful.

We provide a foreign travel vaccination service, however the number of consultations available each week is limited so please make sure that you book well in advance. It is important to make your initial appointment as early as possible as a second or third appointment may be required for some vaccinations in order to ensure you are fully protected before travelling. Your first appointment will need to be a double apppointment with one of the practice nurses so that they can look at your past travel vaccinations, go through your itinerary and identify what vaccinations are required. Future appointments to complete any vaccination courses will be single 10 minute appointments.

It would be helpful if you could complete the Travel Risk Assessment form prior to your appointment.

There are numerous travel clinics throughout London that may be convenient for you if you work in central London – see You can also get anti-malarial medication from Ritechem on Surbiton High Street and from Shan Pharmacy on the Ewell Road without the need of a prescription form us.

Some travel vaccinations are provided free of charge under the NHS whilst others require a private prescription. This is because not all travel vaccinations are included in the services provided by the NHS and some may therefore be chargeable. Prices are listed below for your information. In the event that a private prescription is needed, this service will incur a one off £20 fee in addition to the cost of the vaccines.

  • Hepatitis A – Price applicable to all countries – Free
  • Hepatitis B – Price applicable to all countries – Free
  • Typhoid – Price applicable to all countries – Free
  • Td/IPV – Price applicable to all countries – Free
  • Malaria Script – Price applicable to all countries – £20
  • Meningitis ACWY (Nimenrix®) – Suitable for all patients over 1 year – only 1 dose needed – Price applicable to all countries – £40
  • Meningitis ACWY (Menveo®) – Suitable for all patients including those under 1 year – children under a year require 2 doses one month apart – Price applicable to all countries – £60
  • Rabies – Price applicable to all countries (course of 3) – £180

Please note there is a £15 administration fee.

With regards to Meningitis vaccination for travel purposes, two different conjugate ACWY vaccines are available – Nimenrix® and Menveo®. In children under one year old, Menveo® should be used in preference to Nimenrix® because of the better immune response and to reduce the risk of hyporesponsiveness. In children aged over a year and adults either Nimenrix ® or Menveo® can be used and will provide similar levels of protection.

Please note that we do not provide Yellow Fever vaccination at Claremont Medical Centre.